Louisiana is an employer-friendly state with a ”Right to Work” labor structure. ​​

St. John the Baptist Parish is a part of the New Orleans Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which is the 45th largest MSA in the U.S. St. John the Baptist Parish population is approximately 45.924. The New Orleans-Metairie-Hammond Combined Statistical Area (CSA), a nine-parish area, has a population of 1,452,502.

While a low cost of doing business may be attractive, it is the skilled workforce, enhanced by hundreds of technical college or university graduates who enter the workforce on an annual basis. Serving as home to several major industry leaders within the Petrochemical and grains industry make St. John the Baptist Parish the best place to do business. ​

Young professionals are a key part of the region, simply due to both Baton Rouge and New Orleans both being accessible within an hour. ​​

In just three short years, we have elevated our status as a school system to a “B” rating in the latest Louisiana Department of Education rankings. With 81% of our students classified as economically disadvantaged, we have set and held students and our employees to high standards. We are the only system that has earned a “B” rating with at least 81% of its students categorized as such., Working with our local public and private school systems along with neighboring parish’s our workforce stands ready to face the challenge of both current and future work force needs.